Adept Digital’s slogan, “Technology for Everyone” reflects our interest in supporting the appropriate adoption of technology across the spectrum of human endeavour and activities.

We work in the following areas:

Digital futures

We provide age-appropriate experiences (workshops and talks) that expose children to possibilities beyond the current curriculum.

Focus areas for learners include:

  • Digital citizenship
    Learning how to live safely and effectively in the online world
  • Computational thinking
    Learning key computer programming skills from an early age
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
    Exploring the Maker Movement as a platform for experimentation and innovation, and as a gateway to future career paths

Focus areas for educators and schools include:

  • Curriculum development
    Materials, resources and approaches to delivering an ever-expanding computer curriculum
  • Technology adoption in the classroom and beyond
    Smartboards, online learning platforms etc
  • School makerspaces

Digital solutions for small businesses

We souce smart and appropriately priced solutions for small businesses and assist them with implementing and making the most of the chosen solutions:

  • Websites
    From simple to advanced
  • Online marketing
    Email newsletters, social media marketing, online advertising
  • Information management
    Customer Relationship Management, data warehousing, data backups etc
  • Staff development
    Manuals, training and support for staff using new systems.
    In particular, we work with middle aged and senior staff, empowering them to keep pace with technological change in their workplace.